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Backlinks is another text link ad network from Next Net Media which pays publishers for text link advertisements displayed on their their low traffic website. Compared to the conventional PPC or CPM advertising, the text link ads can provide a steady source of income, even for a website with very few visitors. Earlier page rank was the criteria for getting approval for being listed at but they seem to have changed the criteria to Moz domain authority, as they have observed that Google has not updated page rank for nearly one year and SEO companies need a more accurate parameter for website SEO metrics for buying text link ads .
All websites are automatically approved for DA > 10, the ad code is incorporated in the website so that the ad links can be displayed as soon as a link is sold on the website. There is no minimum payout amount , and payment is through Paypal, usually within the first three days of the month. In contrast most PPC ad networks like Google Adsense, Infolinks, chitika pay on a net 30 or net 45 day basis, as they have to audit the income for invalid click, click fraud. Linkspanel is another ad network which remains affiliated with Backlinks. The Backlinks ad network has become the ideal choice for domain investors whose websites are often boycotted by Google for no specified reason, and receive almost no traffic from search engines despite having high quality content. Though revenues from text link advertising are low, it will help them cover the cost of renewal of domain name , especially domain names they would like to retain, as they may receive a good offer for the domain name at a later date.
All webmasters, domain investors who signup for Backlinks using the affiliate link will get free advice on how to optimize their website to increase revenues from backlinks,

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