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Online publishers who do not have a Google Adsense account, and have found that their Infolinks and Chitika revenue reduce significantly in the last few years, can check Bidvertiser as an alternative for website monetization. The number of visitors for PPC ad networks has reduced to a very great extent, hence CPM ad networks like Bidvertiser (with some CPC advertising) are becoming increasingly attractive.

For many online publishers, Bidvertiser appears to be the most lucrative advertising network at present, measuring the number of visitors more accurately than any other ad network. The number and quality of advertisers for Bidvertiser has also improved very significantly. Statistics are updated once in 3 days.
Minimum Payment : $10 monthly by Paypal
For check payment : $50
Bidvertiser remains one of the few advertising networks which is honestly recording the number of page views on the website in 2016 and paying the publishers. However in 2016 , google first marked all the bidvertiser websites as having malware as it was competing with google adwords and google adsense. When this did not work, google has systematically deindexed all the websites of an online publisher which had bidvertiser code in September 2016 in a cheap attempt to destroy competition, especially in India, and retain the monopoly in India.
Websites with popunder advertising code were also deindexed by google for threatening the monopoly of google adsense. After the popunder advertising code was removed, these websites were again reindexed with some exceptions. However when the bidvertiser advertising code was removed , the websites are still not indexed in google after more than a month, with , an example of google deindexation as punishment for using bidvertiser.,

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