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Chitika is another popular PPC advertising network which can be used on a variety of low traffic as well as high traffic websites.Initially Chitika ads were only available for US & Canadian traffic from Search engines, but now these ads are displayed even for Asian traffic. Many online publishers use it as an Google Adsense alternative and also to supplement their advertising revenue as Google has been banning many webmasters, and approval will also be difficult. However, in India it seems to have a tie up with Google for showing the ads.
Earlier, website approval criteria was relaxed, but now every website to which the advertising code is added has to be approved separately. This also allows the publisher to track the performance of each website separately. Like most PPC networks, the advertisement can be customised in a particular color to increase the Click through rate. Chitika advertisements usually load very quickly, especially on static pages, without graphics. It is believed that Chitika has a tie up with Google Adsense for some ads, especially in Asian countries. Minimum payout is $10 for paypal, $50 for check payment .
Like infolinks there has been a significant decrease in advertising revenues in the last few years, with payment received only once a year or less often .

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