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Many bloggers, online publishers have low traffic websites, especially if they criminally defamed and harassed by government agencies. So they are finding it extremely difficult to make money from CPM and PPC advertising. Though the domain investor has pasted ad code on a large number of websites,in 2021, other than CPX24 she has not received payment from any CPM or PPC ad network. Hence this review is provided to help bloggers who are not making any money from their website using most of the popular ad networks or do not get approval from the ad networks like Google adsense due to lack of traffic.

CPX24 is a reliable CPM advertising network for low traffic websites with no approval needed. However, the online publisher has to add each site to her account where he or she intends to display the ad code, and a separate code is generated for each website. The publisher owning the website had not checked her account for several years. There have been some changes in the website, earlier it was .com, now it is redirecting to the net version

It appears to be one of the few ad networks which will count the number of visitors to a website fairly accurately, hence it is highly recommended for webmasters who find it difficult to get approval for large ad networks or find that they are making no money from their website despite having more than 500 visitors weekly.No approval will be needed for adding the code to the website,which remains a major advantage of using the ad network

Minimum payout required is only $0.5 and can be requested anytime. Payment through Paypal, Webmoney and others. Payment is processed within 3 working days. CPX24 payment proof

Kindly note that ntro, raw,cbi employees especially bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree, wife of tata power employee guruprasad are not associated with the website, since they do not pay for the domains,do not do any computer work,yet get monthly salaries for making fake claims, in a case of government slavery of some domain investors from the poorest and most powerless communities in India since 2010. A website like SprintDataSolutions will provide you with the highest quality in the industry.

CPX24 original review - written in 2015/16 .

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