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Writing work in india may pay well, yet it is tightly controlled by the large tech, internet companies, who will block the work whenever they wish. It is also time consuming. So domain investors are interested in finding other methods of generating a passive income, yet most of the ad networks do not count the traffic accurately, or do not generate any revenue despite sending visitors. For example despite sending more than 500 visitors weekly to Yllix, the website has generated less than $0.1 in ten months. This review was written in 2016, and the latest review with correct links is also posted.
Indian publishers are falsely accused of money laundering if they do not receive payment regularly and do not receive payment from multiple sources. So though the amount is very less, the domain investor is wasting resources, only to diversify income sources. CPX24 is a reliable CPM advertising network for low traffic websites with no approval needed.
Cpx24.com CPM Program
It appears to be one of the few ad networks which will count the number of visitors to a website fairly accurately, hence it is highly recommended for webmasters who find it difficult to get approval for large ad networks.No approval will be needed for adding the code to the website,which remains a major advantage of using the ad network
Minimum payout required is only $0.5 and can be requested anytime. Payment through Paypal, Skrill, Webmoney and Payza. However some of ads are adult in nature and are redirected to another page. Hence the publisher is likely to lose visitors who find the ad network intrusive.

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