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Creating content for websites is very time consuming and the small amount of money from advertising is the only compensation the online publisher is receiving. Yet due government slavery in india, even that small amount has been blocked for the last 10 years. CPX24 is the only network which records at least some of the visitors for this and has paid the online publisher in 2021

CPX24 payment proof, 2021

It appears that CPX24 is one of the few ad networks which will count the number of visitors to a website fairly accurately, hence it is highly recommended for webmasters who have low traffic websites and find it difficult to get approval for large ad networks especially Google Adsense. Also the minimum payout for google adsense is $100 which will take several years for a person with a low traffic website

The domain investor is looking for other CPM ad networks which will also have a very low minimum payout, like $0.5 or lower. Please contact at info@blogposts.in

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