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Google Adsense is one of the most popular PPC advertising network which can be used on a variety of low traffic as well as high traffic websites. Getting Google Adsense account approval in India is considered to be difficult. Many early webmasters have their Google Adsense account disabled due to a variety of reasons such as non compliance to webmaster guidelines Earlier, website approval criteria was relaxed, but at least one website where the advertising code is added has to be approved s. This also allows the publisher to track the performance of each website separately by creating channels. Like most PPC networks, the advertisement can be customised in a particular color to increase the Click through rate.
The minimum payout amount for Google Adsense is $100, and if this balance is not reached, the amount is carried over to the next month. Since it is difficult to get approval for Google Adsense, many publishers purchase a approved Google Adsense account on Ebay and other marketplaces. Please note that we had a Google Adsense between 2003 and 2008, but it was disabled due to webmaster guidelines, hence we are unable to provide updated information on this page.

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