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Though the domain investor has pasted ad code on a large number of websites,in 2022, other than Surfepro and CPX24 she has not received payment from any CPM or PPC ad network since 2021. Hence this review is provided to help bloggers and online publishers who are not making any money from their website using most of the popular ad networks or do not get approval from the ad networks like Google adsense due to lack of traffic, have their Google adsense account banned.

MediaCPM is a reliable CPM advertising network for low traffic websites,but approval is required. However, the online publisher has to add each site to her account where he or she intends to display the ad code, verify the website uploading a file and a separate code is generated for each website. Approval can take some time. The code has to be pasted on footer or header,and banner ads will be displayed. Hence this is recommended for those who do not want popups to be displayed on the websites,since they affect the user experience.

It appears to be one of the few ad networks which will count the number of visitors to a website fairly accurately, hence it is highly recommended for webmasters who find it difficult to get approval for large ad networks or find that they are making no money from their website despite having more than 500 visitors weekly on Yllix.No approval will be needed for adding the code to the website,which remains a major advantage of using the ad network

MediaCPM is better than most of the other ad networks since it offers other options to make some money online like autoearn.While most cpm advertising networks are offering advertising rates of $0.01 or less , the autoearn cpm rate is $0.2. For autoearn the user has to open a page with Youtube videos,for 12 seconds, and the next video is automatically displayed.

Due to government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD in the indian internet sector, the domain investor does not have the time to update the websites or market them,so she is getting very few visitors, usually less than 150 page views daily. However, MediaCPM is recommended for online publishers, bloggers having more visitors to their website, they can get a good passive source of income

Minimum payout for MediaCPM required is only $10 and can be requested anytime. Payment Frequency: NET7 or NET15
Minimum cashout is -
PayPal: $10
Skrill: $20
Bank wire: $300
LTC-Binance: $15. No payment proof received till date.

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One of the main advantages of MediaCPM is that the website network owner has realized that it is very difficult to make money from websites in 2022, so they are promoting Youtube videos and have also listed other methods to earn online like selling bandwidth. .

It is also offering very detailed statistics for each of the earning methods to compare the effective. Since very few publishers are using this ad network, the well designed ads will give the website a unique look. Join MediaCPM

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