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The domain investor, webmaster has a large network of websites, which are monetized using a variety of methods excluding Google Adsense. Often the domain investor does not want to drop the domain name, as they feel they will get a good offer at a later date or have already got a good offer for the domain name. However, renewing domains which do not earn money will be a major expense, for a domain investor who has more than 300 domain names, especially if he or she does not have a job or alternate source of income. Parking revenues for almost all parking options like Sedo, DomainSponsor, Bodis, Voodoo, have reduced drastically in the last few years, especially for websites with traffic from Asian countries, hence inexpensive website development will be the best option available to increase revenues from a domain name or website. Once the website has been developed, it will also get type in traffic, which can increase parking revenue at a later date.
Can help webmasters, bloggers, domain investors increase the revenues from all their websites, low , medium and traffic website, specifically for Asian/Indian traffic where options are highly limited.
The monetization options offered are
1. Text link advertising
2. CPM advertising
3. PPC advertising ( alternative to adsense)
4. Guest posts, hosted webpages
5. Affiliate programs
Email/messaging advice can be provided, or alternately the entire account can be managed. For free consultancy send an email to or PM on any forum. A careful analysis of the website will be done based on different criteria such as number of visitors
website niche
visitor profile
to find the best monetization option, to increase the revenue from the website using a combination of one or more ad networks. If required original content which will pass copyscape and backlinks from different class C IP can be provided, to improve the SEO parameters. Kindly note that due to the rampant fraud in the indian internet sector, the webmaster, domain investor has been cheated several times by well connected pampered frauds , hence will only work with honest, hard working sincere, people.

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