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With Popunder.net advertising revenues reducing, one of the other advertising networks to be considered for low traffic websites is Popads . Compared to most of the ad networks being used today, their advertising or CPM rate appears to be significantly higher. For most other ad networks the visitors are not counted accurately or advertising rates are extremely low.

November 2020 update, The online publisher owning this website has received payment from Popads 3 times, which is more than any other CPM, PPC, ad network in the last 4 years.

Popads appears to be one of the few ad networks which will count the number of visitors to a website fairly accurately, though many internet users are using ad blockers. Also now internet users are clicking on ads less frequently so PPC advertising will get very low revenues. So Popads is highly recommended for webmasters who find it difficult to get approval for large ad networks which require 1000+ visitors daily. Websites are approved or rejected within 24 hours
Minimum payout required is only $5 at present, and weekly, daily payment option is available. . Payment through Paypal. Can provide payment proof.

PopAds.net - The Best Popunder Adnetwork
While the revenues from most other cpm and ppc advertising networks are close to zero due to google delisting websites of link sellers, and dns manipulation for websites owned by indians on some days, the revenues from websites which are monetized using popads may be as much as 1 cent a day. Unlike other countries, indian officials behave as if they are doing a great favor to citizens allowing them to register a domain name and develop a website, diverting and steal traffic so that officials and their associates can become very rich. This is one of reasons, why most indians prefer to become members of writing websites instead of developing their own website as all the visitors will be diverted to the associates of ntro officials. These officials are getting a monthly salary from the indian government yet they are shamelessly stealing visitors and also criminally torturing the webmasters to cause great pain, especially in goa with microwave radiation weapons

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