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Text link ad networks are ideal for low traffic websites, owned by domainers, and experienced webmasters whose websites may be boycotted by Google for unspecified reason. Some of the Text link advertising networks are listed below. The criteria for approval at these websites will vary, depending on the ad network. Earlier most ad networks used Google page rank, but since the page rank has not been updated for more than one year, many ad networks are switching over to MOZ domain authority, which will be updated far more regularly and predictably. The number of backlinks for a website, amount and quality of content, will always determine the SEO ranking of the website.
The rate offered for link sales and the number of links sold will vary significantly depending on the ad network. For some ad networks, even if 40+ websites are approved, only one ad will be sold. Webmasters have to realize that a large part of their ad inventory will never be sold, and have to price the inventory accordingly, The webmaster is always looking for new ad networks to monetize our website, so please send an email to websites(at) useful.in or info@textads.in. There are other text link ad networks which do not approve the websites owned by the webmaster or even if approved, are unable to sell even a single text link.
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