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Increase your website revenue, Adsense alternatives

Over the last year, most publishers using Adsense for monetizing their website have experienced a decline in revenues. While this is partly due to the economic conditions, some of these losses can be offset by using other options which are available to publishers today. Some of the better options for making money from your website are:
Chitika - The Chitika Pay per click ads are displayed only to search engine traffic from USA and Canada and are not visible to regular visitors to your website. Payment through Paypal or Check within within 30 days, with low minimum payout of US$10 for Paypal and $50 for Check payments. Have received 2 payments so far.

Infolinks - In text ad program, easy to install, have received regular payments totalling thousands of dollars for nearly a year now. Payment through Paypal or Wire Transfer within 45 days, though I usually receive money within 30 days. Invalid clicks are discounted. Customer support is good and checks up periodically. However, CPC for Indian traffic is low.

The amount of additional money you can make from your website depends on :
1. Subject of your website
2. Number of visitors to your website
3. Country of origin of your traffic
4. Number of websites
5. Kind of websites - Blogs,directories, static websites, forums
6. Number of pages indexed by major search engines.